Air pump

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Air pump

If a wheelchair is provided with pneumatic tires, they must be is provided with a certain number of bar. Because doorhet use of the wheelchair tires very slowly deflate, you will occasionally need to pump up the tires. To choose to do so as well as possible you can pump at Van Os Medical. With this pump you can inflate tires of the wheelchair itself.

It is important that the tires of your wheelchair sufficient air. This promotes firstly, the ride comfort. When tires are too soft, it is hard to get ahead. Too many inflated your tires, you have no grip and is wheelchair sensitive to the slightest unevenness in the surface. In addition, a band that is not properly inflated will be more susceptible to wear.

When an air pump ordered as an accessory you will not encounter these problems and you tire of your wheelchair can always provide the right amount of air.

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Let op: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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