Crutch holder G5

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Crutch holder G5

Your wheelchair can equip you with a crutch holder for your walking stick. For the Excel G5 Modular series offer a special sticks holder. These sticks holder is suitable for the following products:
  • Excel G5 Modular
  • Excel G5 Modular Comfort
  • Excel G5 Modular Hemi
  • Excel G5 Modular Plus
  • Excel G5 Modular Relax
  • Excel G5 Modular Junior
The crutch holder you can bring your walking easy. Sticks holder has two sturdy, metal containers, so you cane (s) not only gemakeklijk can take, but there are also certain that they fall out of your crutch holder. Sticks holder should you back to mount on the wheelchair. Also, you can simply remove the crutch holder.
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Let op: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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