Hemiplegia drive one-hand-drive '

With Hemiplegia drive can move comfortably with one hand your wheelchair. Order now the Hemiplegia drive one-hand-drive!

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Hemiplegia drive one-hand-drive '

The hemiplegia drive one-hand-drive allows the wheelchair user to move his or her wheelchair with one hand easy. The hemiplegia drive system increases the independence of the wheelchair user.

The drive system consists of two hoops that are attached to a band. The inner hoop is used to move the wheelchair forwards or backwards. The outer hoop serves to move the wheelchair to the left or right. The hemiplegia drive one-hand-drive modular interchangeable within our range of manual wheelchairs. It is thus possible to drive the Hemiplegia one-hand-drive mounted on almost any Excel wheelchair.

Your reason to choose the drive system Hemiplegia one hand drive:

  • With only one hand propel a wheelchair;
  • Modular interchangeable;
  • Increases the autonomy of the user.

The hemiplegia drive system is available on:

  • G3 Lightweight;
  • G4 Modular;
  • G5 Modular;
  • G5 Modular Comfort;
  • G5 Modular Hemi.
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Let op: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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