Rhino 2 controller

The Rhino2 controllers make driving a scooter a lot more pleasant. Van Os Medical can purchase Rhino2 controllers. View our selection!

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Rhino2 controller

The following table provides an overview of the scooter and the batch number from which will be delivered this scooter with the new Rhino2 controller.


Batch Number

Excel Entice 3


Excel Entice 4


Excel Excite 3


Excel Excite 4


Excel Entice "Universe" 3


Excel Entice "Universe" 4


Excel Excite "Galaxy" 3


Excel Excite "Galaxy" 4


E-Mobility 5


Overview scooters and batch numbers for Rhino2 controller
Technical information

You can program the new Rhino2 controllers like the old Rhino controllers in two ways, namely by using the DX HHP GDW handheld box and the Wizard 5. The latter is a Dynamic Programming Tool that enables the software to the controller to view, modify and write. You can create links for the purpose of making the programming via the charging point on the scooter or by directly making the connection with the controller.

If you want to program the scooter with the Wizard5, it is important that it is upgraded to 5.6.6. This can be done easily via the website of Dynamic Controls. To connect your laptop / computer to the controller next to the standard cable (DWIZ-KIT) a DWIZ-ADAPT (orange plug) is required. If you are not using the Wizard5 you will also need a DX HHP GDW cabinet. This box is currently already used for programming of DX electronics, A-series, R series, and Shark control, and may therefore already in your possession. You can DWIZ package simply order from us. If you DX HHP GWD handheld cabinet has not in your possession, you can also order it from us.

The advantages of the Rhino2 controller:

The Rhino2 controller offers a number of advantages over the old Rhino controller. This new controller provides:

  • More possibilities for personalization;
  • More settings for the throttle;
  • More options in order to adapt the driving characteristics to the requirements of the end user;
  • More opportunities to use the engine optimally;
  • More options regarding battery management;
  • The ability to keep up with the digital maintenance schedule;
  • The controller features IP54 Environmental Protection making it very environmentally friendly.
More information

More information about the Rhino2 controller can be found on the website of Dynamic Controls and debrochure. If you have specific questions, please email us via info@vanosmedical.nl record or contact through 0167-57 30 20

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Let op: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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