Van Os Medical History

Van Os Medical was founded in 1971 and has developed to become an international company with solid foundations and a bright future through creative solutions and targeted policies with fixed core values. A reliable partner on a product level and in terms of market development and support.

Below is a summary of key points in our history:

  • 1971. Van Os Medical was founded. An enterprise, initially focusing on selling medical supplies and nursing items which where sold regionally. The company has developed into a provider of a wide range of products with a sales area in the South West of The Netherlands.

  • 1979. Following the demand of different customers, Van Os Medical started selling a range of wheelchairs and rehabilitation aids in addition to the current offered range of products. Gradually the demand for these products increased and Van Os Medical developed more and more into an all-round supplier of medical and rehabilitation aids.

  • 1985. Van Os Medical became the official importer of Poirier France, a manufacturer of wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. The company started to focus more and more on sales throughout the Netherlands through rehabilitation specialist trade companies. Meanwhile, the company moved to a new location in s-Gravenpolder, near Goes.

  • 1989. The brand EXCEL is introduced. The concept for Excel is based on the in-house development of products but outsourced production to third parties. The first Excel wheelchairs where designed for long term use.

  • 1992. The Excel 200 is introduced, the most successful product of the Excel range. The Excel 200 laid the foundation for the current Excel product range and was a turning point in the business / market and continued growth of the company.

  • 1995. The brand TRAVELUX is introduced for scooters. Besides manual wheelchairs Van Os Medical started taking the first steps towards motorised aids. In November 1995, the company moved to St Philipsland, where the company was located for the next 10 years. With an initial warehouse of 1800 m2 with a showroom, storage and assembly department.

  • 1997. Van Os Medical takes the first steps towards a further internationalisation of the company by a subsidiary to be established in Belgium, Van Os Medical Belgium BVBA.

  • 1999. A milestone is achieved: the 50,000th Excel wheelchair is delivered. Further product development broadened the range. Exporting to five countries and the company became increasingly focused on international activities.

  • 2005. VAN OS MEDICAL FRANCE SARL is established. Van Os Medical also moved its headquarters to a new building in Steenbergen and transformed the now 5200 m2 old location in St Philipsland  into an International Logistics Centre. The 4100 m2 of floor space in Steenbergen houses all business and offers a large showroom where training sessions are held for dealers and importers.

  • 2006. Van Os Medical group reached the milestone of 150,000th wheelchair delivered and offers a wide range of products in the field of rehabilitation and home care. Organisational changes provide an optimisation of results and increased efficiency.

  • 2008. The 4th independently operating foreign branch in England opens its doors, Van Os Medical UK Limited.

  • 2011. Van Os Medical opens a new office in Steenbergen, the 'Van Os Medical Electric Mobility Centre, where the orders of the electric wheelchairs and scooters are processed.

  • 2013. Van Os Medical UK Limited moves to a new location and now operates from two sites. And Van Os Medical B.V. opens a new office in Steenbergen and moves its headquarters to Koperslagerij 3.