For almost 20 years Nelit provides a  broad range of medical and rehabilitation aids, for children and adults.

We invite you to our showroom.

Contact details 

Dimiceva Ulica 16
1000 Ljubljana

Tel. +386 (0)1 437 42 45 

Opening hours 

Monday: 08:00 - 16:00
Thuesday: 08:00 - 16:00
Wednesday: 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday: 08:00 - 16:00
Friday: 08:00 - 15:00
Saturday: CLOSED  
Sunday: CLOSED 


Repair department 
Therapist on site 
24/7 Technical support 

Product range 

Beschikbaar assortiment

Excel G-Basic Excel Airide S-preme Travelux Zoom 4 ExcelCare Zenda
Excel G-Entry Excel Airide Compact Solax Deluxe  ExcelCare HC-2230
Excel G-Eco Excel Airide Go! Excel Elise Travel Buggy ExcelCare HC-7152
Excel G-Lite Pro Excel E-Smart  Excel Reha Buggy ExcelCare HC-7160
Excel G-Evolution Excel Click & Go Lite Caremart Litetravel ExcelCare HC-840
Excel G-Lightweight Excel Click & Go Compact II Caremart EZ-lite ExcelCare HC-2105
Excel G3 Kinderuitvoering Excel Click & Go Professional II Caremart Carrymate ExcelCare HC-2120
Excel G4 Modulair Caremart Fun & Me Caremart T-stick ExcelCare HC-2130
Excel G-Modulair Excel Galaxy Compact Caremart T-Advance stick ExcelCare HC-9500
Excel G5 Modulair Excel Galaxy II Deluxe  Caremart Anatomic aluminium walking stick ExcelCare HC-9800
Excel G-Explorer Excel Galaxy Citiflyer  Caremart Anatomic wooden walking stick ExcelCare HC-1100
Excel G-Logic  Excel Galaxy II, 3 wiel ExcelCare Hemvård bed ExcelCare HC-1101
Excel G5 Modulair Junior Excel Galaxy II, 4 wiel ExcelCare Lögn Matras ExcelCare HC-1102
Excel G-Modulair Hemi  Excel Galaxy Plus 3 ExcelCare Genesis Luchtwisselsysteem ExcelCare HC-1106
Excel G-Modulair Comfort  Excel Galaxy Plus 4 ExcelCare Zen ExcelCare HC-2180
Excel G-lite Dynamique Travelux Boost 3   ExcelCare XL-90
Excel Airide B-ace Travelux Boost 4   ExcelCare XL-300
Excel Airide X-tend Travelux Zoom 3   ExcelCare Travel Eaze II
      ExcelCare Elleboogkrukken
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