Pilot Store

Van Os Medical has several locations. On one of our locations in Steenbergen we have started a pilot store. The purpose of our pilot store is to introduce new concepts in the market and here it's possible to test our products. 


We started this pilot store for a number of reasons:
  • Market survey: we want to know what is happening in the market and where demand;
  • receive feedback: customers can provide feedback on the new product introduced, allowing us to get any teething troubles from the product when we include the final product in our range;
  • Market Experience: by introduct honor in the pilot store new concepts we can market to get acquainted with the new product.
The focus of our pilot store is this new products. So we can deepen our product range, expanding and adding new products to our existing product range.

If you like to take a look at our pilot store, please contact us to make an appointment.