Excel Click & Go Professional II

The Excel Click & Go Professional II; easy and comfortable to operate by means of the height-adjustable push handles. It fits under almost any folding wheelchair and has an average range of 15 km.

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Excel Click & Go Professional II

From light, compact to professional... just Click & Go!

Pushing a wheelchair can sometimes be quite a task, especially if you want to go out or walk longer distances behind the wheelchair. As a partner or supervisor, you do not want the effort to push a wheelchair to become an obstacle. Excel has a solution for this: the Click & Go pushing aids. These are easy to place under most folding wheelchairs. Once mounting points have to be attached and then it is simply click the Click & Go and go! There are three different versions, all of which have their specific application.

After the Excel Click & Go Lite and Excel Click & Go Compact II, we are now introducing our Excel Click & Go Professional II as our latest electric wheelchair push assist. It enables the attendant to easily move a wheelchair without much force. The innovative push support is easy to attach to the wheelchair without bending, by means of the handles. It fits under almost any folding wheelchair provided it is equipped with universal mounting plates.

To increase ease of use, the Excel Click & Go Professional II's push handles are height-adjustable, allowing users of different heights to push a wheelchair comfortably. The electric push support is equipped with a battery indicator, which makes it easy to read how full the battery is. The battery has an average range of 15 km, so the push assistance is also very suitable for longer distances. The battery is also easy to charge at the socket without having to disconnect it first. On the way, you can also switch on the motor clutch for free running and continue walking without the motor drive. In short, the Excel Click & Go Professional II is easy and comfortable to use and it provides relief for the attendant when pushing a wheelchair. The Excel Click & Go Professional II has been specially developed for healthcare institutions and hospitals.

Your reason for choosing the Excel Click & Go Professional II:

  • Offers support to the attendant in pushing a wheelchair;
  • Easy to place under a wheelchair;
  • Ergonomically responsible pushing thanks to height-adjustable handles;
  • Battery with an average range of 15 km;
  • Motor clutch for free running;
  • Multi-use;
  • Various setting options.
Overall length: 46 cm
Overall width: 36 cm (including the plastic shroud at the side)
Total height: 91 cm without the wheels touching the ground; 117 cm when the wheels touch the ground;
Total Weight: 22,53 kg
User Weight: Max. 135 kg (incl. wheelchair)
Available colors: Silver
Maximum speed: 5,5 km/u
Suitable for seat width: Seatwidth 40 ↔ 55 cm
Drive wheels: 20 x 5 cm
Battery (s): 2x 12V / 12Ah
Range: Max. 15 km
Weight Battery (s): 7,2 kg

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

Excel Click & Go Lite

Excel Click & Go Lite

€1.418,99 Incl. tax
Excel Click & Go Compact II

Excel Click & Go Compact II

€2.369,07 Incl. tax