Excel Galaxy II Deluxe

Very luxurious scooter

The Excel Galaxy II Deluxe is the all-rounder within the Excel range; thanks to its large wheels, this scooter has a high ground clearance. This makes it possible to make carefree rides in, for example, the forest or on other rough terrain. The Galaxy II Deluxe is also equipped with all the standard qualities that you can expect from the Galaxy; a very comfortable seat with adjustable backrest that can be adjusted to individual requirements, adjustable front and rear suspension, a user-friendly and well-arranged dashboard and telescopic shock absorbers in the front fork.

Features Galaxy II Deluxe:

  • The luxurious dashboard is equipped with an odometer, speedometer, battery indicator and temperature gauge.
    Quick to understand and easy to use;
  • Optional version with 90 Ah batteries;
  • Thanks to the large wheels, the Excel Galaxy II Deluxe has a high ground clearance. This makes it possible to enjoy carefree rides
    for example in the forest or on other rugged terrain.

Take advantage of our promotion now: 2+1 year warranty!

When purchasing the Excel Galaxy II Deluxe, you now receive an extra year of warranty on top of the 2-year warranty! This warranty applies to the entire scooter excluding batteries.

Your reason for choosing the Excel Galaxy II Deluxe:

  • Whisper-quiet engine;
  • Reliable concept;
  • Telescopic shock absorbers and adjustable adjustable suspension;
  • Equipped with brake lights;
  • Height-adjustable, 360-degree swivel seat with headrest;
  • Height-adjustable fold-away, removable armrests;
  • Angle adjustable steering column.
Overall length: cm
Overall width: cm
Total height: cm
Total Weight: kg
User Weight: kg
Available colors:
Seat width: cm
Seat depth: cm
Seat height: cm
Turning radius:
Ground clearance: cm
Max. speed: km/h
Range: km
Maximum motor output: watts

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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