Excel G-Lightweight + 2

Lightweight wheelchair with many possibilities.

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Excel G-Lightweight + 2

Lightweight wheelchair with many possibilities

The Excel G-Lightweight +2 is a fully aluminum lightweight wheelchair whose seat depth can be adjusted from 40 to 50 cm. Easy to transport thanks to the folding frame and detachable rear wheels; handy and light. Extra comfort is provided by the tensionable back upholstery with 5 tension straps and the back angle adjustment from 90 to 105 degrees. The standard anti-tip wheels provide extra safety and prevent the wheelchair from falling backwards. Furthermore, the chair can be easily adjusted to the wishes of the user: including adjustable lower leg length, angle-adjustable foot plates and height-adjustable armrests that can also be swiveled away and removed. The standard height-adjustable push handles increase the ease of use for the attendant. Available in a wide range of sizes: 5 seat depths, 4 seat heights and 3 seat widths. Supplied very complete as standard and also available with the Excel Pro Comfort and Excel Silver Seating padding lines.

  • The seat depth of this wheelchair can be adjusted by the user by folding or unfolding the cover. This improves comfort and makes the wheelchair suitable for people with different thigh lengths.
  • The seat depth can be further adjusted by the dealer by means of several mounting options on the frame of the wheelchair. This brings a number of possible seat depths to 5.
  • Optimal comfort can be achieved thanks to the tensionable backrest: five adjustable straps in the backrest can be adjusted separately from each other to provide more or less support at any desired position of the back.
  • The seat and back upholstery are extra padded, which provides more comfort. The cover is flame retardant. The seat cover screws are carefully covered. The back padding provides extra lateral support and the vertical stitching makes it easy to fold. Due to the back mat flipover, which is provided with Velcro, the tension straps are neatly concealed. The back tubes are also
    equipped with a comfortable padding.
  • The spoked wheels are fitted with reflectors to enable wheelchair users to safely participate in traffic in the dark. These special reflectors are extremely well suited to increase visibility in traffic.
  • The chair is equipped with height-adjustable push handles. These have a height range of 92 cm to 102 cm, which is ideal for tall people. This promotes the comfort of the attendant. The height can be easily adjusted by means of a lever knob.
  • The back tube is provided with a receiving block in which the armrest is fixed. This creates more stability, which provides extra safety when standing up.
  • The axle plate is mounted at four points. The axle plate is reversible, so that the rear wheel can be mounted behind the wheelchair. This makes the wheelchair usable for people with an amputation. The axle sleeve is adjustable in four seat heights.
  • The chair is equipped with angle adjustable foot plates. You can adjust this to the desired angle using an Allen key. This creates the ideal foot position, which provides more comfort. The foot plates are also adjustable in height.
  • The steering head angle of the front wheels can be adjusted by the dealer by means of 2 bolts.
  • The Excel G-Lightweight + 2 is equipped with height-adjustable arm pads that can be easily adjusted by means of a handy push button.
  • The backrest of the Excel G-Lightweight + 2 has an adjustable back angle for extra comfort. The back angle can be adjusted from 85° to 105°. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted using an Allen key.

Your reason for choosing the Excel G-Lightweight+ 2:

  • Simple folding frame, making the wheelchair easy to carry;
  • Very complete from the base;
  • Available in many sizes;
  • Versatility;
  • High maximum user weight.
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Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

Excel G-Lightweight

Excel G-Lightweight

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