About us

Welcome to Van Os Medical, the leading supplier of intelligent mobility solutions. We want to help people to live independently for longer, despite disabilities. Using our comfortable tools they can again enjoy daily life and participate in society. This drives us to continue innovating inspiring products and concepts to stay put on the market!

To continue to achieve what we are doing, we work according to the following core values:

  • Quality
    Quality is a broad concept for us. We don't only provide quality in our products, but quality is also reflected in for example our stock, distribution and service. We can always deliver quickly and offer the right support. In all areas we put quality first!
  • Confidence
    On the basis of the quality we deliver, we build trust. This we have proven since 1971. Our dealers trust our products, trust our staff, and end users develop trust in our dealers as their product does not let them down.
  • Service
    We provide excellent service. Our customer service center is ready for all your questions! Our dedicated staff are specially trained to give you the best possible service.
  • Innovation
    We continue to innovate at Van Os Medical. We come up with new products and services on the market all the time. Why? Because we think ahead of the market; both our dealers and we do.
  • Creativity
    In order to continue to innovate we need a good dose of creativity. Flexibility and empathy are key. New ideas of both our employees and our customers are always welcome.