Important for us is the quality of life of our customers. All our products pursue this vision. The below mentioned five certainties of Van Os Medical show that the offer consists of products that offer you the best value and comfort in life. 

Quality and mobility are our common wishes'

Five certainties Van Os Medical are:

  1. Maximum price guarantee.
    Within each segment, we offer a product with the highest chance of success. Whichever option or accessory is ordered, the price of the total product will never overwrite the maximum amount of the subsequent segment. Our products are supplied complete in their standard form.
  2. Guaranteed long lifetime.
    Our products have a 10 year guaranteed life (provided that the product is serviced / reconditioned according to instruction). We offer a 10 year warranty on frame breakage (first user). Parts for reconditioning and after sales we can guarantee 10 years after delivery of the product.
  3. Guaranteed low maintenance.
    All our products are designed to be low maintenance. Also all the parts we supply have an acceptable price.
  4. Delivery Guarantee.
    We have fixed delivery times. All parts are in stock and we can deliver them within five working days.
  5. Quality assurance.
    All products that we supply meet the highest quality standards. All our products are produced according to European standard of production.