Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is there a company out there that does not do it today? We at Van Os Medical also find it very important to do our part. But how can we contribute?

Van Os Medical has an established CSR policy. On several fronts, we are concerned with CSR. For example, we re-use the packaging material to reduce paper consumption. And, we package "smart" which means products are packed in a very compact way, which means we can send out more products with the same transport. This reduces CO 2 emissions. It also results in less waste from packaging. Another example is our fleet. Our fleet is covered by an A energy label, which means that our cars are at least 20% more efficient. All this is better for the environment.

We work digitally as much as possible. Not only is this more convenient, there is also much less paper use in the office. Environmentally friendly and easy! Also we don't use air conditioning in the office and the various workshops. During the summer months we use a system called 'top cooling. This system circulates hot air up making it cooler. This requires much less energy then when using an air conditioner.

All our products are made from recyclable materials. These recycled materials are burnt / fragmented, which means the materials can be re-used. This is a way of saving on production because nothing will be discarded unless it is not recyclable. We also use PVC
free materials. We consciously work with manufacturers who actively implement the CSR policy.

Care and future

Not only do we think about the enviroment when we produce our tools, but we also think clearly about the user. We tailor our products to all users by developing products that are not only durable, but also easier to adapt to the changing needs of the individual user. By modular applications and universal product structure, we guarantee longer life of the product and an easier re-use by other people .

All in all, we at Van Os Medical find it very important to be aware of the environment and our customers needs. We do what we can to think and especially do our part, in order to achieve a better environment!