Excel E-Smart +

The Excel E-Smart + is the perfect wheelchair for the home; compact, manoeuvrable, small turning circle and also has an electric high-low adjustment.

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Excel E-Smart +

The smart electric wheelchair for indoors

The Excel E-Smart + is the perfect electric wheelchair for the home. Compact and highly manoeuvrable, allowing you to maneuver between furniture with ease.

With the electric high-low adjustment on the Excel E-Smart+, you can easily grab something from a kitchen cupboard or from a higher surface; you can reach everything yourself!

The Excel E-Smart+ is fully customizable for user comfort. The chair is equipped with various adjustments; the armrests can be folded up, removed, adjusted in height and width, the joystick position can be adjusted and the footplate can be folded up.

The drive wheels have independent suspension and are fitted with PU tires. This means low maintenance, no worries about flat tires, great comfort.

The Excel E-Smart + has a modern look with a white frame and design wheels.

Taking it with you in the car for a holiday is no problem. The Excel E-Smart + can be conveniently disassembled into a few separate parts that fit in the trunk of the car.

Overall length: cm
Overall width: cm
Total height: cm
Total Weight: kg
User Weight: kg
Available colour(s):
Seat width: cm
Seat height: cm
Seat depth: cm
Back height:
Batteries: Ah
Turning radius: cm
Range: km

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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