Excel G-Modular Hemi

The Excel G-Modular Hemi is distinguished by the extra lowered frame, where tripping is the main thing.

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Excel G-Modular Hemi

The Excel G-Modular HemiIn addition to the basic properties that are known from the G-Modular, the Excel G-Modular Hemi version has the option of tripling. The G-Modular Hemi can also be equipped with our Silver Seating padding line.

The Excel G-Modular Hemi comes standard with:

  • height-adjustable push handles;
  • depth-adjustable armrests;
  • footrests with adjustable lower leg length;
  • angle adjustment of the foot plates;
  • both horizontal and vertical rear axle settings;
  • multi-position front forks;
  • angle adjustment on the headsets;
  • standard seat cushion;
  • folding and removable armrests;
  • foldable back that allows the wheelchair to tip over.

Your reason for choosing the Excel G-Modular Hemi:

  • Possibility to perform with the Silver Seating padding line;
  • Standard equipped with a lightweight aluminum folding frame;
  • Arm pads are height adjustable;
  • 24" PU rear wheels with quick-release axles;
  • Available with both standard footrests and comfort footrests;
  • Equipped with anti-tip wheels;
  • Available in many sizes;
  • Versatility.
Total height: 79½ cm (at seat height 37½ cm)
Total width: Seat widht + 22 cm
Total length: 110 cm (incl. footrest), 83 cm (excl. footrest)
Total Weight: 14,9 kg
User Weight: Max. 130 kg at seat width 35, 37½, 40, 42½, 45 and 47½ cm. 150 kg at seat width 50 cm.
Available colors: Metallic silver
Seat width: 35, 37½, 40, 42½, 45 and 50 cm
Seat depth: 40, 42½, 45, 47½ and 50
Seat height: 37½, 40 and 42½ cm
Back height: 42½, 45 and 47½ cm (adjustable)

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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