Excel Carbon F1

A real design rollator with an attractive appearance and comfortable to use.

Article number: 2410500X

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Excel Carbon F1

The Excel Carbon F1 rollator is lightweight and collapsible to a handy size, making it easy to take with you. You can easily take some things with you in the storage bag. The wheels of the rollator have a deeper profile, which provides more grip. The tires are also anti-puncture tires. All this makes the Excel Carbon F1 an ideal rollator for daily use.

The rollator has pleasant anatomically shaped handles that are adjustable in height. The Excel Carbon F1 is equipped with a wide, padded, height and depth adjustable back strap, which provides extra comfort. Of course, the Excel Carbon F1 is equipped with a parking brake and secure locking.

Your reasons for choosing the Excel Carbon F1:

  • Supplied as standard with wide, depth and height adjustable back strap;
  • Luxury genuine leather padded seat;
  • Comfort wheels with anti-puncture tires and deeper profile for more grip;
  • Adjusting the push handle by means of simple push buttons;
  • Supplied as standard with stick holder;
  • Standard equipped with an adjustable parking lock and transport locking lever.
Overall length: S: 70 cm. M: 70 cm. L: 70 cm.
Overall width: S: 58 cm. M: 58 cm. L: 58 cm.
Total height: S: 82 ↔ 94 cm. M: 85 ↔ 97 cm. L: 93 ↔ 105 cm. (adjustable)
Total Weight: 8,5 kg
User Weight: S: 130 kg. M: 130 kg. L: 130 kg.
Available colors: Salt White, Kite Blue, Macadamia Brown, Spice Orange and Carbon Fibre
Seat width: S: 44½ cm. M: 44½ cm. L: 44½ cm.
Seat depth: S: 44½ cm. M: 44½ cm. L: 44½ cm.
Seat height: S: 48 cm. M: 48 cm. L: 48 cm.
Length/width folded: S: 25 cm. M: 25 cm. L: 25 cm. (width)

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

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