Excel Airide Go!

With the Excel Airide Go! modular is not a buzzword but actually an added value. The configuration of this export model is based on a number of criteria within the European market. From the base, the Excel Airide Go! be constructed in such a way that the most ideal user match is created. What if different needs arise during use? No problem; the option and accessory system is designed in such a way that the configuration can be adjusted afterwards.

Your reason for choosing the Excel Airide Go!:

  • Standard equipped with a backrest with tension straps. A wide range of padded seats and backs are available;
  • Equipped with removable and height-adjustable armrests, also width and depth adjustable;
  • Equipped with a swing-away joystick, which can be mounted on the left or right;
  • Optionally available with an LED lighting module;
  • Modularly available as Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or Rear Wheel Drive (RWD).

The Excel Airide Go! has been renewed!

  • The size of the front wheel has been increased from 9" to 10". This results in better course stability and better handling outside;
  • The front fork is wider and thicker/heavier. This makes the front fork stronger and the chance of deformation is therefore nil;
  • The width of the front wheel has been increased;
  • The profile and tread of both the rear and front wheels has been modified. This has become rounder. As a result, there is better pivotability and comfort, especially when driving outdoors;
  • The shape of the side frame; due to the lower profile, the width adjustment of the armrests at the front wheel driver, at the lowest seat height, is easier to adjust;
  • The color of the side frame is different. The new color is silver metallic.
Overall length: 101 cm (FWD) / 94½ cm (RWD)
Overall width: 57 cm
Total height: 103 cm
Total Weight: 68 kg (excl. batteries)
User Weight: Max. 160 kg
Available colour(s): Metallic silver
Seat width: 42 ↔ 54 cm (adjustable)
Seat height: 57 cm (47 cm excl. seating)
Seat depth: 42 ↔ 60 cm (adjustable)
Back height: 47 cm
Batteries: 2x12V, 50Ah
Loader: 24V / 5Ah
Turning radius: RWD: 170 cm / FWD: 120 cm
Range: 30 km

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

Excel Airide S preme

Excel Airide S preme

€7.673,03 Incl. tax
Excel Airide X Tend

Excel Airide X Tend

€7.673,03 Incl. tax