Airide X-tend

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Excel Airide X-tend

Building on the popularity of the Airide B-Ace, the X-tend is the next step up in the airide range. Being one of the most popular outdoor-indoor chairs, the Airide allows the user to specifically choose what options are required at the point of order or during ownership.

Why Choose the Excel Airide X-tend?

  • More customisable options over the standard B-Ace
  • Can add up to 2 electric adjustments to the seating position
  • Crash Tested to EN****.
Overall length: FWD: 119 cm / RWD 111½ cm
Overall width: 65 cm
Total height: 103 cm
Total Weight: 73 kg
User Weight: Max. 160 kg
Available colour(s): Metallic silver
Seat width: 42 ↔ 54 cm (adjustable)
Seat height: 41½ cm (including seat cushion 48½ cm)
Seat depth: 42 ↔ 60 cm (adjustable)
Back height:
Batteries: 2x12V, 50Ah
Turning radius: RWD: 170 cm / FWD: 120 cm
Range: 20 km with 50 Ah batteries / 30 km with 75 Ah batteries

Remark: The range (if mentioned) is measured under ideal circumstances in a clinical test. Range can vary and is influenced by the battery condition, user weight, road conditions, outside temperature, tire pressure and way of usage.

Airide S-preme

Airide S-preme

€12.795,51 Incl. tax
Airide B-ace

Airide B-ace

€6.102,91 Incl. tax
Airide Go!

Airide Go!

€6.865,91 Incl. tax